The Iconic Sanremo Casino is Illuminated by Houda Bakkali’s Art


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At a time when businesses are faced with uncertainties and returning to normalcy has been challenging due to the Covid-19 pandemic, art and augmented reality can play an important role to make spaces and environments become vibrant and lively again.

This summer, visual artist Houda Bakkali’s masterpieces are illuminating parts of Europe. Her “Life is Beautiful” series has been exhibited in Monaco. While she presents her official artwork dedicated to the emblematic Casino of Sanremo and the main artwork of her series “Loving Italy” which will be exhibited soon. Houda’s art pieces was received by Alessandro Il Grande, President of the Sanremo Communal Council.

One of Houda’s main signature pieces from the “Loving Italy” series called Divertimento is especially dedicated to the Sanremo Casino. Divertimento gives the expression to what the Casino stands for. Elegance, music, fun and magic are transmitted through the colors of Divertimento.

“We thank Houda for the passion that she expresses with her overwhelming colorful works of art towards our city, our flowers and our Casino. I have been a great admirer of her work “The Flowers of Happiness” donated to the Museum of Flowers, its structure to which I have remained very attached. This is the beginning of my evaluation and testimony of the indissoluble relationship with the city and its floral tradition. And it should be noted that in the early years the Museum of Flowers became the central landmark in promoting tourism and the culture of our floricultural production and tradition. The artwork Divertimento operates and squeezes the same energy as the strength of color with which Houda expresses. It sends a message of excellence into the future, even at the Casino,” said Barbara Biale, the Councillor and member of the Board of Directors of the Sanremo Casino.

This series has a dual look. The first look is inspired by the settings that evoke the splendor of Italy, its characteristics of exuberance, its fun and festivities and the artistic and aesthetic elitism of everyday life in Italy. Inspired also by Italy’s intensity of creative excellence and passions…it is a visceral and passionate artwork.

“Loving Italy” represents a contemplative conception of beauty and shapes, recognizable, easy to understand and close, a commitment to color and beauty. Art without fear, without regrets, a tribute to hope and happiness in these dark times. This series looks at the essence of the Renaissance, Baroque or Romanticism, periods where the universal geniuses of art left us as their inheritance all the master formulas that today we still continue to recreate.

The second look of “Loving Italy” represents a reflexion about the vicious circles of art nowadays, with its excesses and its vanities. A reflexion about this reality through the ironic image of the protagonist, always the same. Sometimes funny and other times a slave to its own superficiality, absolutely addicted to itself and to the judgement of others. 

The work shows that dual reality without fear of altering the order of things to discover harmonically disordered and dreamlike scenarios, but always conciliatory.

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