Deadly Sins

Art through Houda Bakkali

Through “Deadly Sins” Houda presents her most provocative art, full of sensuality, frivolity and irony. Her art goes beyond impressing, her art illuminates.

«This series represents some of the instincts of human beings. I wanted to create a work with a touch of humor and irony that represented the sins and temptations that surround us”. 

Bakkali will exhibit this series, and other pieces from her new collections, in upcoming contemporary art exhibitions and private events in Geneva, Monte-Carlo and Paris, among other cities.


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Deadly Sins | Houda Bakkali | Limited edition 1/1 | Mixed media | 110cm x 70cm | 2021


“Deadly sins” is based on 7 unique pieces 100 cm x 100 cm and an exclusive version of the entire series 110 cm x 70 cm. 



Mixed media: digital illustration and acrylic. Animated version and augmented reality.


«Deadly Sins» is a very artificial artwork. It is as simple as the human being’s own primal instincts. It is visceral. The greatest expressive force is the instinctual, the one that flows organically from the entrails, like the desires that nourish the capital sins. The visceral is intense and concise in expressive force, it is repeated and hardly changes. Hence, I has represented in a very simple and repetitive way each capital sin.


I chose «Lust» as the main piece of this series because this piece represents desire in all its forms through simple lines and vibrant colors. A powerful and passionate desire, but at the same time orderly and serene, full of intensity, exuberance and beauty, where the woman is the protagonist of her own freedom and fantasy. Living without regrets.


Louise Se Va | Barcelona
College of Physicians | Málaga
Art Fair | Biarritz



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Augmented reality

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Houda Bakkali
Original artwork | Limited edition | 1/1 Digital illustration and acrylic on canvas. Digital immersive experiences and custom animations.

Houda Bakkali | All Rights Reserved 

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