Houda Bakkali


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Everything starts with passion. The passion motivates the action. The passion is the beginning of every story. We imagine the future with passion. We dream of enjoying, moving forward, creating, owning with passion. Passion surrounds everything, moves everything, feeds our imagination and our soul.

This piece symbolizes the desire to build a better future with enthusiasm, passionately. A better future inspired by the Mediterranean colors, from Monaco to Sanremo. A future with a serene, flirtatious, funny and optimistic look. The polka dots beat to the rhythm of the heart and play with the psychology of color, drawing worlds where goals are met. The ideas move in gentle undulations, like the sea when it is calm. The flowers, which pay a tribute to nature, embrace the woman, who represents strength, serenity, sensuality, beauty and life. This piece represents the desire of a dynamic future, without limits, full of creativity, fantasy, partying and fun. The desire of a better and passionate future based on accomplished dreams.



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